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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hello guys!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time Is Life


The prophet (SAW) says a person shall be ask about his life, how did he spend it, did he make beneficial of your time in which case you gain or you make useless use of your time, in which case you loose.

And the second question is you will be ask about your youthful age how did you wear it out or how did you grow on, you are now young, you are very healthy as a young person, you have a lot of stamina, you have a lot of energy. Your brain is sharp, your mind is vibrant, you are suppose to direct all these blessings of Allah (SWT) to acquire knowledge to develop your mind, to read the Qur'an to brighten your brain, to do zikir to purify your soul.

How will you asses as a young man to use your time uselessly watching useless films, watching useless soccer games and your time is going, you are loosing and your time is going you are unconscious but your time is going, you are loosing because you are not doing anything beneficial to you in this world and in the hereafter.Have you noted to consider that? Have you contemplated over that? Do not loose your time because you are going to be asking how did you spend your life? Or as a young man how did you used it, how did you grow old. It will be a terrible loosed if you grow older in ignorance, by the time you grow older you will look back to your adolescent period and you will regret, you will see all the opportunity you had to become a great man, through knowledge to prosper and succeed through knowledge but you wasted your time.At that time you will cry but it will be too late to cry because at that time your head would have been cut off, so when your head is cut off how did you get the mouth and eyes to shade tears. So at that time even when you want to play soccer, i.e. if you are interested in continuing to play soccer that time when you are old the strength is not there to play soccer. So read, utilize your time so that you do not loose.

Time is precious the Arab use to say "Alwakatu Kasaifi" the time is like the sword if you do not cut it, it will cut you.

And then in English they say "time is life" Imam Hassan Albisiri use to say "Ya Ayyu Hal Insan Innama Anta Ayamun Fakulla Ma Zahaba Yaumun Zahaba Ba'azu" - all human you are nothing but countable days.When ever one day goes away it is your own part that goes away, so at every day goes away your own part is going away.I hope you will take this lesson very seriously. HAPPY SALLAH IN ADVANCE

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