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Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Are Going To Bring Back To Where It Belong

The other day,Renjer PM me to update the blog.But i totally ignored him because i simply dont know what to put or update on the blog.It seems nothing really happen for the past few years with FIVERS 2004.

We once believed that we were really special for the title we brought along the way,as Millennium Batch for enrolled as a STARIAN in 2000.Ever since that time,we proud to call ourselves as a STARIAN.

We walk and talk like a STARIAN who have all the guts to say no to what we believe is wrong and say yes to all the good things.We pinned our beloved STAR badge high on our left chest above our heart because we believe STAR is always at the top of our heart.

STAR,Ipoh was a place where all the good and bad memories remain.The ground,the academic block,the STAROBA Square,the hostel,dorm where we used to stay,the sick bay,library,labs,u mentioned it,we've been there and done that.

We fought every match.We brought down every rival.We win every war.We always the last man to stand to raise the flag.We sang our songs.We cheer our anthem.We were the fighter and the heroes of STAR.

Every thing seems so close to our heart when we scroll down the album and see how we were really close with each other.How smiles were all in our faces.We never forget that we love STAR so much.

Now,after years of not meeting up,after ages of not steping again on our beloved ground,things seem so far away and beyond our steps.Life that we are heading now doesnt seems so close to STAR anymore.

But it's ok.Because insyaALLAH,one day things will turn differently for FIVERS 2004 again.We will meet up some day.We will sit together on a table and have the same old jokes about each other.

And it's really ok about it.Because one day we shall gather everyone that we ever possible to reach and proudly bring back where it belong.One day,that moment will come for US.

Lets hoping that day,when it really comes,we are be able to laugh together again,n create more memories,n simply enjoying the moment of being in STAR again because we proud that we were once the true STAR heroes.


Azrie "Guru" Adzman
Fivers 2004
Batch 44

credit picture to:Payunk,Jelah,Safwan

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