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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Message to all the women who're in love with STAR old boys!

"If you are looking for a ride through calm waters, don't marry a STAR old boy!"

"STAR is unique! Unlike some other institutions, STAR has been breeding wholesome men; men who knows how to enjoy life and unless you are on the same wave length (reads as equally lepak or cracko!), he is capable of spoiling yours (life) !"

"And if for some unknown reasons, you ended up marrying a STARIAN, then I can safely say, the things which are constantly annoying to you now are the exact same things which enchanted you to him in your carefree days! Contradicting the law of nature where most things change with time, STARIANs do not! It is your mistake Mrs Wives if you expect us to mature along with you and change! We joke when the situation call for us to be serious. We prefer a night out with our ex school buddies regurgitating the same old stories such as the one about our own Mat Hero kicking the winning points thrashing the Kolej Melayu in rugby final. When a family gathering gets a bit too serious for comfort, and in the presence of your parents, you can count on us to break the ice and bring some light moments. We wouldn't think twice about breaking wind out loud, and in all sincerity we would hope others would laugh! Trust us, it is never our intention to be impolite but we are so often misunderstood as rude, unpolished, and lacking social grace!"

"As wives to STAR old boys, it is encumbered upon you to defend us. For some reasons not yet understood, STARIANS believe the world have got most things about us all wrong and we are grossly a misunderstood lot!"

"Dear Wives, Please do yourself a big favor by not expecting too much from us; materially speaking! We were the sons of farmers and fishermen and are happy to live moderately. BMWs or Bungalow on a hill are not really our scenes, we are way too modest for those worldly symbols. With us, it is the thought that count! We stress intention rather than execution. It is our intention to romance you when we invite you for a romantics dinner at Leha food in Taman Melati. We believe only pretentious insecure husbands burdened with guilt who bring their wives for candle light dinners at posh places!
Emotionally though, we can compete with anyone in loving you, through thick and thin.
Just when you thought that we have ran off with the neighbors' maids, we come back to you, tails between our legs maybe but we come back. We are really bad in breaking up our own marriages, although we are quite capable of causing havoc to someone else's marriage!
In that sense we are very loyal to our wives!!"

"You would be happier if you stop believing some of the bravado talks from STARIANS. There are amongst us who like to brag about our libido, affairs and the like; take my word for it, most of us lie! The truth is, STARIANS generally are not even capable of asking a woman for road directions without feeling awkwardly shy, what more to woo and date them. Only a handful are gifted in this arena; and the few whom I know are past their prime, age wise! Worry not, dear wives~! "

"Girls of today, if you are in your courting phase, and your boyfriends happen to be one of the STAR old boys, what I have written above does not necessarily apply! I am really talking about the STAR old boys when STAR was what it was! A school for winners from kampung across the country. A school who took pride in winning, and whose students were proud to be known as "Budak STAR!"

This posting coincides with the 1st of license to 'fool' around a bit as pointed out by one of the readers~! Hehehe.

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