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Sunday, May 2, 2010

MoM for STARian 44 2010 Meeting

STARIAN 44 2010 Meeting

Date - 17.04.2010
Venue - Syed Bistro, Wangsa Maju
Attendance - Kirk . Guru . Nik . NymQ . Oborg . Butet . Lone . Kepeng . Degheh . Dora . Sisqo . Dash . Pedo . Toyon . X-Pac . Mok . Thorik . Ze . Mat Rock . Laloq


1. Opening. Meeting began at 11.30pm with opening emarks by Guru

2. 10th year Anniversary gathering. This year marks the tenth year of Batch 44 becoming students of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman. In conjunction with that, it is decided a reunion should be held to celebrate our first meeting together. Suggested date includes 1) The week of Christmas 2) Middle of the year. However, the actual date will be decided through voting activity via blog/other voting channel.

3. Temporary Staroba Weekend Committee
. President - Kirk. Dep. President - Guru. Nothern Focal Person - X-Pac. Eastern Focal Person - Thorik. South Focal person - Nik. The regional focal person's roles include - 1) Regional treasury 2) Medium of communication for news, activities, events and other official matters. However, the committee will only be effective until the people in charge are able to resume their positions.

4. Shirt design
. A new shirt will be designed and voted to be our next batch shirt. The designs will be out by next week via our official blog. Details- Polo shirt, logo STAR on the left chest, others are up to own creativity.

5. Official website to replace blog
. It is suggested an official website to be created to replace our current official blog. More interactive features will give better involvement to Batch 44 members.

6. Blog to remain as official news media for Batch 44
. Related to the above matter, the blog won't be closed down. Instead, it will still continue functioning as the official first communication medium for batch 44. However, the blog and the website's roles are yet to be finalized.

7. Closing. Meeting adjourned at 1am.


Prepared by : Izzuan Affendi aka NymQ

Ps - Sorry lambat kuar, I know MOM should be out at least three days after the meeting but I was not here at my place, tenet thru phone je, hehe. Ni pon baru balik ke KL nih. Sehubungan dengan itu, design t-shirt akan kua dalam minggu depan (Ning, Abrar, Ze juge akan membuat design). ANY AMMENDMENTS TO THE MOM ABOVE (Grammar ke, ayat ke, info salah/kurang ke), PLEASE INFORM ME THROUGH FACEBOOK OR EMAIL.

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